praise for fiori

I write to sing the praises of Sheri Silver, owner of Fiori Designs, who has thoughtfully and brilliantly created the beauty within the natural world surrounding our home.

She has an unerring eye for color and detail, and has developed plans for the plantings all around our home which were infused from the beginning with delight, innovation, and with joy. At the same time, she took great care to provide us with a set of plans for this work that reflected our sense of our house and our home and our lifestyles.

From the moment we began our work with her, Sheri has never been anything other than courteous, generous, caring, wise and patient. She has guided us towards true harmony in the decisions she has helped us to make regarding what and how and when we are planting in front of and all around our home.

Beyond the product of her work, which is magical and illuminating, it is just a complete pleasure working with Sheri. Her joyous smile and her kindness complement the blooming flowers and plantings we see and feel everywhere now. Her incredible and giving knowledge of the plants and flowers she tends is reassuring to us, as we know that she will take wonderful care of all that grows here.

When we renovated our lawn, she also brought in experts to help us do just what was needed to restore the life to the area. Her colleagues have proven to be as wonderful and collaborative as she is. It is also wonderful to know that she has a team of helpful and insightful people to complete any job, big or small.

Her work has deeply enhanced our lives. Our lives feel more complete now that each season we wait with anticipation to see what small surprises Sheri has helped create for us, and also to wait for the beauty of all that we know is there, under the surface, coming again, each year.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We recommend her without reservation.

Pam and Jim Allyn
Hastings, NY

After entirely reconstructing our back yard with a new patio, pavers and an in-ground pool, we had a blank slate in terms of landscaping. Sheri planned and designed a lush, natural-looking perennial garden that not only enhances our property, but also looks as if it's been a part of it for years.

Sheri spent hours on site, talking with us to find out what we like, what we don't like, and more importantly, how we use our outdoor space. She meticulously tailored garden beds to provide interest from early summer to late fall. We were amazed at the transformation in the garden from week to week as new bushes, flowers and grasses grew and bloomed in magnificent color and texture. The countless visitors we've had marveled at our garden and it continues to be a source of great joy to us and those who admire it. The greatest surprise for us was the beauty of the garden even in the winter months, something we never expected.

Sheri was always available to us for questions, concerns and advice, and our garden has far surpassed anything we could have created or imagined ourselves. We highly recommend Fiori Garden Design.

Teresa & Ralph Barile
Bayside, NY

Sheri Silver is incredible. She, with her architect's eye and botanical training, can actually stand in the middle of a hopeless-looking, failed garden, a tangle of weeds, spent blooms, and leftover vines and envision something beautiful there! Not just flowers, bulbs, and shrubs; her rare gift is to visualize the whole garden space, paths, for instance, that might lead you around to areas of fragrance, of texture, of color and surprise - shaded areas, sunlit ones, a retreat to sit in. We aren't talking large gardens, necessarily, just imaginative ones that come alive. And gardens that define what you want, something she seems to know instinctively but is careful to determine.

For example: I had a small fenced rectangle jammed with raised beds and clumps of unsorted perennials accumulated over the years. No one who came to advise me about creating a garden here had anything to say except "let's start over in another spot, maybe." Not Sheri Silver. She didn't focus on the mess; she looked at it and her face lit up; she saw the possibility. And then she created out of that sorry-looking rectangle a garden that flows, with a circle of grass in the middle graced by an arbor of climbing roses. Paths wind around, edged and filled out with a succession of perennial blooms, some I had specified, many I discovered through her. It's a one-of-a kind magic place in there. I call it my secret garden.

You are lucky if you can have Sheri's vision and experience to guide you plus the installation expertise of the person who assists her and prepares the beds. You may also have a beautiful, hand-colored layout on paper with your plants' names on it and detailed instructions on garden-care and maintenance. And that's just the beginning!

Geraldine Van Dusen
Ossining, New York

We love our perennial garden! Thanks so much for the beautiful design. It was such a pleasure working with you. We appreciate how you listened to our ideas and incorporated them into your plans. Your friendly, yet professional, manner made this landscaping project a positive experience from beginning to end. We have received many compliments on your design and look forward to working with you again soon.

Ann & Scott Richter
Irvington, NY

We can't thank you enough for your creativity in designing our beautiful shade garden.

I know we gave you a challenge: working in the shady beds on the north side of our house, and asking you to minimize the use of evergreen shrubs. You managed to find a wonderful variety of plants that flower red, blue, and purple at different times in the spring, summer, and fall, and whose leaves are so many different shades and textures of green that they are captivating even when they're not in bloom. Combined with the grasses and ferns you included in the design, the effect on our property is stunning!

We especially appreciated your openness to our questions and suggestions. We were obviously inexperienced gardeners with only a vague idea of how we wanted our garden to look. You showed an amazing ability to take our vague notions and incorporate them into your own design for a garden that would give color and texture throughout the year -- one that is creative and distinctive looking, but seems perfectly at home on our property.

We would enthusiastically recommend you to any property owners looking to design or rejuvenate their gardens, and wish you all the best.

Residential client
Hartsdale, New York